Did you know MACARA Vehicle is a green facility? We recycle used motor oil and other fluids to generate heat for our building. In the spirit of being green, we wanted to share some interesting ways to upcycle your old tires.

1. Shed Planter


2. Holiday Decorations

SnowmanCreate a snowman that won’t melt! This looks like a simple project that you could enjoy with your kids.

3. Funky Tire Swing


Photo Source: builtbykids

Here is a great spin on the traditional tire swing!

4. Colorful Planter

Tire Planter

Photo Source: hometalk

Ok, here is another planter idea. We loved the colors and couldn’t help but share another variation.

5. Comfy Seating

Comfy Tire Seating

Photo Source: criartedicas

We love the pop of color and the look of comfort!

6. Unique Seating

reuse tire

Photo source: casa

Here is another great furniture idea!