With heat wave temperatures in the forecast it’s time to talk about what you can do to ensure your vehicle won’t overheat this summer. Contrary to popular belief the high temperatures of summer can be brutal on a vehicle’s battery more than even the freezing temps of winter.

During a relentless heat wave the engine of your car can reach more than 200 degrees causing the battery chemicals to react and drain the remaining life out of it. Newer and well-maintained batteries can handle these extreme temperatures however older batteries should be replaced if there is a question of reliability.

Taking a few minutes and a couple of extra dollars can ensure that your battery won’t die this summer; this is not the time of year to economize on repairs. Protecting your car from the heat wave is simple if you follow these simple rules.

  1. Tune up and change the oil regularly. Periodically check the radiator fluids to keep the engine from overheating.
  2. Watch for terminal corrosion on the battery and make sure all connections are clean and tight.
  3. Ask your technician to test your battery. This type of test can be performed quickly by most automotive service centers.
  4. Ideally, park the car in a shady spot or in a garage, protecting the battery from damaging heat.
  5. If the car is difficult to start, have the vehicle’s electrical system checked, and if any component is marginal, it’s probably time to get a replacement component. This type of test can be performed quickly by one of our technicians.

In the event that the vehicle does break down remember to have an emergency kit, cell phone and lots of water with you so will stay safe until help arrives. Summer road trips are fun however make sure your vehicle is prepared to handle the predicted hot temperature.