Now that the weather is getting cold and snow is coming, don’t leave your vehicle unprotected!

Living in New England, it is inevitable that your car is going to develop rust. The harsh chemicals put down on our roads to keep them safe for driving wreak havoc on your vehicle. Why allow this to happen when there is now ways to prevent it? Fluid Film provides long term corrosion control to the undercarriage of your vehicle. Fluid Film is a wool- wax (lanolin) based preventive and lubricant. It has been used for over 55 years worldwide and tested in highly corrosive marine environments on ships and offshore drilling rigs. Not only is this product great for protecting your vehicle, but it is also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-hazardous. This product should be reapplied yearly to maintain best results.

With snow and ice comes salt and sand. Most people hurry to get out of the cold and don’t bang off their shoes and boots before getting into their vehicle. WeatherTech offers a wide variety of DigitalFit FloorLiner’s, Floor Mats, & Cargo Liner’s to help protect your vehicles interior. WeatherTech liners and mats are easily emptied on the go whether liquid or solids are spilled. WeatherTech also offers exterior protection for your vehicle, including side window deflectors, stone & bug deflectors, and MudFlaps.

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